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Sanitiser and All Purpose Cleaner

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A great, three-in-one product that works as a sanitizer, deodorizer, and an all-purpose cleaner based on pine oil that has a persistent pine scent. It eliminates the majority of common bacteria and germs, leaving your home’s surfaces sanitized and germ-free. Pinegel is an all-purpose cleaner that works incredibly well and has incredible degreasing capabilities. Designed to be used on all hard surfaces, including floors, walls, tiles, basins, baths, urinals, toilets, and a lot more. Its distinctive chemical makeup helps with all-in-one operations for quick penetration, quick removal of oil and grime, neutralization of undesirable odours, and effective sanitizing. Pinegel is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleanser that may be used on any surfaces because it doesn’t include any bleach, alcohol, or ammonia.


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